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Jenny Tan-Chi grew up in the Philippines as a missionary kid from the ages 5 to 18.  During that time, her parents worked with the street children of Manila under Action International Ministries.  Jenny finished her primary education at Faith Academy, Antipolo, where she met her future husband Paul.  She finished college in Canada with a bachelors degree in Intercultural Studies.


She has since moved back to the Philippines, having been married for 16 years to Paul Tan-Chi, a Filipino Chinese American businessman and a servant of the Lord. Together they are raising four children - Caleb, Alana, Ethan, and Andrew. Jenny spends her day homeschooling her four children, desiring that through home education and her very hands-on involvement in their lives, the kids will grow to love God, to love others, and to live their lives to their full potential to bring glory and honor to God.


Jenny's passion and heart's desire is to be able to help the people God send her way to find their purpose and calling in life, to seek God and to live for Him. She does this through counseling, discipling, and speaking.

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