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Justine is passionate about journeying with women to experience the fullness of life founded on biblical truths and toward holistic health in mind, body, and spirit. Through her YouTube channel Infinitemamabilities, she aims to motivate mothers to best fulfill their role as a wife and a mother of children who will fear the Lord. She is the founder of i-Mama, a community aimed toward uniting mothers to embrace and enjoy their God-given calling as parents.

Being the director of the prayer community at A Woman’s Forum, her heart is to see women come together as one body, praying and serving Christ. She has been actively championing women to come together in prayer and fellowship through the ministry.

Justine is currently finishing  her bachelor’s degree in Theology at the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries. She is also involved in the women’s ministry and prayer ministry of Victory Church (Fort). Justine has been married to Lester Correa, a youth pastor at Every Nation, for 9 years. She is also a homeschooling mom to three beautiful kids.


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