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Cham’s desire is to see women know more about Christ. Her experience and journey made her see the tremendous impact and joy of having intimacy with Him, and as a result living a fruitful life.  Dealing with grief after the loss of her mother was the biggest game changer  for Cham. In her grief she met  Christ, and enabled her to redefine her view on life and people in Grief. It showed her what hope is despite pain and sadness. Her heart goes out for women who are grieving and suffering, and her desire is for others to experience that same  joy and hope she found in Christ, and that is the message she wants to herald in the world. 
Cham has been in the field of Marketing in the Corporate world for 15 years. She is currently a brand consultant for an airline industry. Her work mission is to make everyone a CHAMP: Christ-Mastered; Humbled; Accountable; Meaningful work & Purposeful relationship.


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