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It is an undeniable fact that the relationship between a mother and a daughter is one of the most significant relationships in life. But there is often a gap that exists between many mother and daughter relationships. Why would such a gap even exist? Why do we need to restore this aspect of our lives? After all, we are all daughters and we all came from a mother's womb. Some of us have even become mothers ourselves.

Whatever kind of mother/daughter relationship you’ve experienced in life so far—as a mother or a daughter—come find out how to reconcile the inevitable brokenness that creeps in and transform what was meant to be one of the most significant relationships in our lives. Come learn how can we bring our "mother/daughter relationships” to a whole new level of freedom and intimacy that leads to flourishing lives as women, enabling us to usher transformation in the lives of other women around us.

Join us on Saturday, 25 September 2021, as we walk through how to restore integrity between all kinds of unique and God-given relationships between mothers and daughters, and learn to live faithfully in light of GOD's love in this most crucial relationship we have been given while on earth.

Register at

7:30 PM Manila, PH Time

7:30 AM Toronto, CAN Time

4:30 AM Los Angeles, USA Time

To get the Full Context of this forum, we highly recommend watching the following videos:

1. Restoring Integrity: Foundation for a Life that Works


2. Restoring Integrity: Training in Righteousness


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