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The pressing human need of our time is to live a life of significance and meaning, causing us to pursue all possible ways to achieve our goals—both in secular and church settings.

We often have tried everything we know to do and many of us fall prey to the latest and greatest solutions of the day. Yet, we continue to find ourselves in the same place as we started, with the nagging feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. We get caught in the same cycle of feeling trapped and stuck over and over again, leading us to ask, ”What is wrong with me? How will people trust me again? Above all can I trust myself?”

Out of fear of being found out, we often resort to things like pretending, avoiding, hiding, complaining, blaming, and running away from situations and relationships we cannot control. We put up with these negative behaviors for days or even years, only to discover there is no escaping. At some point we need to confront the prevailing issues that are preventing us from living the life we were meant to live.

Join us on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM for A Woman’s Forum as we begin a new series on “Restoring Integrity: Foundation for a Life that Works” where we will look at what is driving our human actions and what needs to change in order to live a free and fulfilled life. Together, we will tackle real-time questions and consider a Biblical perspective of integrity that will lead us beyond the quick fixes of behavior modification to deep and lasting transformation.

Please reserve your slot by registering here:

Is it possible to stay sane in an increasingly chaotic world? What is the relationship between the human mind, body and soul anyway? How can this inform our understanding of how we ought to live in these crazy and uncertain times?

Join A Woman's Forum for a live discussion on February 20, 2021 in a talk entitled, “A Sound Mind in a Crazy World." AWF, in partnership with Awaken the Dawn (SeaGlassWorship, Dubai), will engage these crucial questions of mental, physical and spiritual health from a Biblical point of view in a short talk followed by a live Q & A panel discussion.

This event will be attended by women from different countries such as India, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, UK, Bhutan, Africa, and Egypt.

Please register through this link:

For more information, please contact

We invite you to discuss this hidden phenomenon with us. Our event’s main speaker is Earl Beja-Paolo, A Woman’s Forum Founder. Joining the conversation are panelists Helene Fisher, Open Doors International’s Global Gender Persecution Specialist, and Atty. Kathleen Piccio-Labay, Sr. Lead Lawyer for Prosecution Development, hosted by Japs Medina.

A Woman’s Forum online will be held on Saturday, 31 October 2020 at 3:00 PM Manila Time and 9:00 AM Paris, CEST.

To secure your slot, kindly register at

Registration will close on Friday, 30 October 2020 at 6:00 PM Manila Time.

For inquiries about the event, please message A Woman’s Forum via call/text at +639178128401 or via email

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