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Deepening our conversation on Restoring Integrity Part I (Foundations for a Life that Works: we got WHAT integrity is from a Judeo-Christian perspective and WHY we need to restore it. In Part II of the series, (Training in Righteousness: we presented a Scriptural framework on HOW to restore integrity that will result in individual transformation, taking us from being a child of God to becoming who we ought to be.

Now, in our commitment to train in righteousness, let us practice restoring integrity inside the area of sex and intimacy, which remains a sensitive and controversial topic in our contemporary culture. Whether your relationship status is single, married or “everything in between”, let us consider questions that get to the heart of the matter, such as: What is our current view of sex? What should it be? How has it shaped our behavior and decisions? And in turn, how has that impacted how we relate to our spouses and others? What are the barriers of being made fully known with others? What cultivates and what kills intimacy? How are we to face the reality of the haunting past that affects our current relationships?

Join us on Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 3:00pm for A Woman’s Forum, as we continue our series on “Restoring Integrity in Sex, Intimacy & Relationships.” Let us persevere to discover together real-time answers to our present-day questions on this deeply personal and complex topic of sex and intimacy so that we can experience new freedom, joy and satisfaction in our most significant human connections.

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