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WHY I AM A FORMER LGBTqi: Rediscovering What it Means to be Known, Loved, and Accepted

In our advanced modern world, subjective freedom and full self-expression are among its highest ideals. This has led to much confusion and division in the Church on how to think about and approach the issue of homosexuality.

Join us this Saturday as we listen to Carla Peña share about "Why I am a Former LGBTqi: Rediscovering What it Means to be Known, Loved, and Accepted".

During the forum, there will also be a live Q&A with panelists Lizza Juarez and Ali Kennedy. Earl Beja-Paolo will facilitate the discussion as they wrestle through some of the most common objections to what the Bible teaches on homosexuality:

• If people are born gay, why wouldn't God accept them for who they are?

• What's wrong with a same-sex relationship if it is loving, faithful, and permanent?

• Why doesn't Jesus mention homosexuality?

In A Woman's Forum Live, we seek to give real-time answers to these present-day questions.

This forum is for those who want to be equipped to know how to respond to loved ones who identify as homosexual, those who are struggling with same-sex attraction, as well as those who are curious to find out how the Gospel could possibly be good news for a gay person.

To secure your slot, kindly click HERE.

Registration will close on 17 July 2020, Friday at 6PM.

For inquiries about the event, please message us directly, call or text us at +63917 812 8401.

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